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momWelcome to the all NEW! The official home of Mama Joyce! You can learn more about me and my Ministry every Saturday evening at 7pm pacific time on my official BlogTalk Radio show. Join me and several of my guests LIVE each and every week when I give Messages of Hope for everyone. Listen LIVE by clicking here.

I am " Mama Joyce" a woman who loves God and His Son Jesus Christ, non judgmental, leaving that part to God, applying the teachings of Christ with Torah, and imparting the brotherhood of mankind, helping bridge the gap between God and mankind. Teaching principals of prayer, loving ,kindness, and forgiveness, teaching how to "Pay it Forward", and love one another help each other and learn to forgive.

Teaching how we can build our relationship with God on a daily basis, and offer hope to all who are hurting and challenged in our world. Learning the attributes of God, and applying them to our own lives, and imparting them to others...All based on love. I have a Ministry of close to 30 years ,outreaching to the homeless, elderly, disabled, poor and challenged. I also have a Ranch Vision I am hoping will come into fruition this year. I embrace all positive aspects of life, I do not embrace darkness or evil.

The Jabez Prayer
And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh that you would bless me indeed. And enlarge my territory that your hand would be with me, And that you would keep me from evil. That I may not cause pain! So God granted him what he requested. - 1Chronicles 4:10

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Chaplain Steve

San Diego  (619)-441-7729 or (760)-630-7729
Orange County Jail & Santa Ana Jail (714) 630-7729
California & Nationwide 1-800-539-6143

"As a former Hospital Chaplain with a Masters Degree in Theology, I can help you through this Crisis. I will assist you through the arrest process and get your loved one home safe and quick!

Click above to visit Emmanuel Church located at:
438 E. Harvard Rd.,
Burbank, CA. 91501
(818) 843-0900

Momma Joyce Blog Talk Radio
Messages of Hope
Every Saturday evening 7pm Pacific Time

The next series of my BlogTalk Radio Show, will be ASSIGNMENT AMERICA,We will reaching out giving the 'Little Guy" a voice making their needs known and linking people together,those who have,helping those who don't have.

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